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Xeno Bug Wallet Chain

19.Jan 2024—25.Feb 2024

The concept for this show is playful, but not flippant…
…let us take a smoko from our endless bend to the unspoken laws of the cosmopolis. Let us take a moment to be ourselves, in the (g)alle(r)y, where the boss won’t see…

 The artists involved in this project vary in size, form and output – some don’t call themselves artists at all. Most call themselves queer. All are notorious for doggedly interrogating their surroundings. Refined, re-found, recycled, every work in this show is as rare as the person who made it.

 Xeno Bug Wallet Chain is a wunderkammer of recycled responses to an increasingly complex world. It has been made to be seen… so come see!

Alanna BaxterAlex XandAnnie WallworkBensin & SaraClaudiDom ViggianiGwynPaulRainbowSorim ByeonT. O'Reilly Giudetti