Divisions Gallery is taking a hiatus, and is temporarily closed. In the meantime, enjoy the archive of our previous shows. To stay in the loop for when we’re up and running again, you can join our mailing list or follow us on instagram

Pentridge’s past has cultural and heritage significance, much of which has guided its revival as a destination and meeting place. As part of this ongoing revival, Pentridge Arts is on a journey to enable the curation of arts and culture within Pentridge as part of a growing local arts community.

Pentridge Studios offers Resident Artists a unique opportunity to shape and be part of a new creative practice at the crossroads where heritage and traditional divides meet contemporary art and disciplines.



Pentridge Arts aims to support local and emerging artists through residency and foster exhibition and performance opportunities for both local artists and those further afield.

In 2021, Pentridge Arts was launched with Pentridge Studios being set up alongside Divisions Gallery. Divisions Gallery is a commercial gallery space that seeks to bring energy and creativity into Melbourne’s vibrant arts and culture community. We seek to promote opportunities for our Resident Artists via their own curation of shows and provide exhibition space for local, emerging artists and mid-career artists. We promote community and inclusivity and seek to bring interesting and dynamic local art to a greater audience.

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