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Materiality in Dialogue

14.Jul 2023—13.Aug 2023

Curated by Resident Artist Varuni Kanagasundaram, this exhibition brings together artists from Australia and the USA who integrate materiality in exploratory ways to address how we engage with culture, land, society and our surroundings.

Through a range of diverse materials, we see how they have a spirit of their own, and how these artists shift contexts to express social and political ideas.

Elizabeth BurdenVicki CouzensVittoria Di StefanoKarla GarciaVaruni KanagasundaramSara LindsayCarmel WallaceBronwyn RazemBecky Cahill

Public event

Artist Talk
Saturday 5th August, 2–3pm

Join us for a discussion with the artists of ‘Materiality in Dialogue’. Learn what draws these artists to their materials and the evolution of the works to express their ideas.