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Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily

1.Dec 2023—17.Dec 2023

With adjacent studios between the walls of Pentridge, these two resident artists not only share a common appreciation for Friday afternoon beers but feel a deep connection to the natural beauty in their surrounding neighbourhood. 

Simon Leah’s luscious and organic sculptural pieces made from raw materials like copper, brass and bronze, exude creativity in both form and function. They sit comfortably within a gallery context, but equally well within a considered interior. His meticulous eye and incredible commitment to detail offer an exciting counterpoint to the more spontaneous plein air works created by Lana Daubermann. Luscious in their own way, Lana’s oil paintings are all painted on site by the Merri Creek, between her home and studio. 

Life really is ‘but a dream’ for these two artists as they share a mutual admiration for the other’s work, with inspiration that flows freely between the wall of their shared space.

Simon LeahLana Daubmermann